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Notice how most passengers get a case of seenitallitis when the cabin crew does the safety demos? Air Newzealand has come up with a novel way to catch passengers’ attention to their new fares. Now if they could do this on the flight, I’m sure everyone would watch the safety demo


Vodafone, after their takeover of the Hutchison network in India, was looking for a way to rebrand itself and replace the pug which had been the face of the network.

They contracted O&M, and the outcome was ZooZoos. They were to create ads to coincide with the IPL cricket matches, and were to release one ad every day, there was a match.

These have become quite a fad in India and well, its Zoo Zoo Mania out here. The Zoo Zoos are characters with white bloated bodies and alien shaped heads. Though the ads look like animation masterpieces these are actually humans in costumes. The material was specially selected in order to prevent wrinkles and the backgrounds were kept relatively simple in grey.

My favourite ad is the one for their roaming service shown below. Youtube carries the whole portfolio. They even have their own microsite and facebook page. is the website of breakthrough a human rights organization that is working against domestic abuse of women. Breakthrough aims to use popular culture and the power of the media to bring about awareness and to create global social change.

Their simple advice is to interfere by walking up to the door and ringing the bell, which is most likely to cause a pause or even bring a complete halt to the abuse, thereby saving the woman from abuse or allowing her to get back to her senses to react.

Pepsi is holding a can design competition. They provide you with the canspepsi general design and some accessories which you can add to the can any which way you like. Visitors to the site will then be asked to vote for the best design. They will probably use your design if its good. Try it out at

Just when I was wondering what Rachel Ray’s claim to fame was, I read in today’s newspaper that Dunkin Donuts have pulled an online ad featuring the celebrity “whoknowswhat” because she was wearing an Arab Headdress called a Keffiyeh or Gutrah because it symbolizes support for terrorism. So did they ban guns and bombs…naaah! An ad with a head dress around someone’s neck…..and viola that stirs a debate..

What they should do is ban the production of guns and bombs, increase production of donuts and maybe even hand them out free…sugar would sweeten your life…and you wouldn’t have terrorism or wars…Nutty solution…but do able.

BTW….there used to be a DD outlet in Souq Sharq and the Al Bahar Center in Hawalli…they’ve both disappeared – I used to have a 10% discount courtesy my employer’s special deal with them….need donut, no sugar….