A few years ago, Asianet launched a Radio station, which was probably the first malayalam radio station in the Gulf. I went out a bought a SONY SW receiver in the hopes of listening to some Malayalam radio, as that station was being broadcast out of the UAE. My hopes were dashed when all I heard was faint sounds, in between a lot of static. The radio was stashed away. Expensive, non performing asset. Internet radio gave me access to 96.7 FM also being broadcast out of Dubai, which was small relief. 

The radio has found new life, with the launch of a Malayalam Channel in Kuwait. Yes, you read that right. Its been launched and they have a web page which is still being developed. The station is being broadcast on 98.4 FM. This might be seen as not such a big deal, but for the Malayalee expat, who can’t be separated from his Malayali movie music, this is IT. 

Now to tune my AV receiver and my car’s radio….