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A former drug addict and gunrunner in India, Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced under the Arms act for illegal possession of an AK 56 and a 9mm pistol and being in contact with those who conspired and planned the Bombay bomb blasts in 1993.

However, the Media has turned the sentencing into a circus, because he supposedly acts in Indian Movies.  He would share a cell with others of his ilk and would have to share his home made food with other inmates – which is pitiable.

I’m sure the judge in  fairness to his responsibility did not watch Sanjay’s movies or else he would have sentenced him more.

Good Luck Sanju Baba…see you in Parliament in 2 years, after your sister and buddies in the Congress party pull strings to commute your sentence and you enter politics, the natural resort of a scoundrel.


The humble potato chip has become a part of our everyday life. Staple of the couch potato, on the menu of bunny every picnic and school going kid, wafers with beer, you name it.

Having been brought up on Kitco since my school days, this was the quality that you came to expect from every brand that you see. I don’t recall when I had switched from Kitco but I had been using Lays for quite some time now, but not being able to find a packet of plain salted, I tried the old favorite once again and the difference was remarkable.

The Kitco chips were more crisp, they tasted fresh unlike the Lays which seemed to be a little less crispy bordering on soggy and well it just doesn’t taste the same any more. I guess the reason must be that Kitco is made in Kuwait and the Lays is packed in Saudi Arabia and the transportation takes its toll on the chip.

They’ve got me hooked again. Chips, 3D snacks??!! the lot

A surrogate partner is one member of a three way therapeutic team which is made up a therapist, client and of course the surrogate partner.

The surrogate is selected or qualified to work as one based on certain life experiences and qualities which seem to provide valuable contributions to surrogate work. The surrogate, as a part of the therapy will assist the client as a partner, to enhance the clients physical and emotional intimacy skills. The therapist will be a certified qualified professional who will be guiding the process.

The therapy of course is for clients who are found to be lacking in their skills and not those who want to shoot pigeons to improve their aim.

Referrals training support and education is provided by the International Professional Surrogates Association. More on them at

This is the photograph of a Sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square on Aug. 14 1945. They were celebrating the end of nykissWorld War II. The famed photograph was shot by the late Alfred Eisenstaedt, who was working for Life magazine.

The picture had a lot of mystery around it as no one was able to identify the two people in the picture least of all the photographer. However, over time more than 10 men have come forward claiming to be the the man in the picture. The latest claimant though seems to the be the closest contender, as he has been going through a battery of lie detector tests and has been even sketched by leading forensic artists to be found to the closest match ever.

aquafinaPepsico and Coca Cola have been asked to clarify the source of their bottled water. Competing with water bottled from fresh water springs, the brands of these drinks majors are also perceived to be spring water. They don’t claim to be so, but popular perception in a market flooded (no pun intended) with mineral water brands is bound to be so.

The water bottles will now carry the PWS label – PWS being Public Water Source – meaning they are filled from the same water source available to all. Some maybe purified further and supplemented with minerals…others? who knows

More on this here: Aquafina to clarify water source