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Some time back, 248am had a post about Sheikh Nasser Al-Sabah being one of the largest collection of Aston Martin.

While doing some research on Aston Martin for a friend, I also found out that two cars from his collection were loaned for use in the James Bond Movie – Casino Royale. So that’s Kuwait’s contribution to the JB Movie franchise from two directions, The brand is UKs snazziest brand, owned by a Kuwaiti investment company, and the foremost collector of vintage Aston Martins is Kuwaiti.

check out page 3 of the magazine.



C.F. Payne is a contemporary American caricaturist whose works appear on magazines like MAD, TIME, National Geographic etc. and more prominently on the back cover of the Reader’s Digest where his Our America Series is published on an exclusive basis.

He has a gallery on the Reader’s Digest site which can be found at

His style is colorful, cheerful and touches a chord of reality. Something everyone can relate to. The vivid colors and details are simply eye catching

rdc_cfp_img_Feb_07sm rdc_cfp_img_jan_05sm rdc_cfp_img_feb_04 rdc_cfp_img_Aug_07sm

(from L to R; Wireless connection, Choices, Table for Two, Alternate Fuel)

A Magician whispers a few words. abracadabra hocus pocus and suddenly something he wants rises on its own, levitates, leaves the ground, bringing in the applause of those who enjoy magic, inviting the brickbats of the skeptics.

Good one Georgie. I am surprised how no one classifies Bush’s comments about WW III as being irresponsible, sending jitters down the spine of the stock exchange, sending Oil market prices sky high and scaring peacniks who by the way have a dislike for war or rather, a strong affinity to peace.

sheabutter This is a fat which is extracted from the Shea Fruit and is used as a moisturizer. It is also used as a substitute for cocoa butter.

I came across a small canister from the travel kit that is handed out in the Kuwait Airways flights. The box contained goodies from L’Occitaine en Provence (who have an outlet in the Avenues). The little I used smelt like shoe polish but it didn’t have that oily after feel.

This fruit is found on the Vitellaria paradoxa tree which produces fruit only after 20 years and then produces it for 200 years. Interestingly, the trees are mostly found in Africa. There are supply problems which have led to pricing for the butter going all over the place.

The fat is used as a cure for a lot of skin ailments and was even used by some tribal groups as body armor!!