Amidst growing outcry that the world is not headed to its doomsday as fast as previously thought, comes a new revelation. Called the Bloombox and designed by an Indian scientist, who was once advising NASA on how to sustain life by producing oxygen on Mars, this technology is now being touted as life changing. The scrapped NASA program led the scientist to tweak his product to use oxygen in addition to biofuel, natural gas, or other renewable fuels to produce clean energy.

Fuel cells have been expensive to produce and this has been the primary reason why this technology has not taken off. This is also the case with solar energy, where you need huge spaces to generate feasible quanta of energy.  Unless the creator of Bloombox Dr. Sridhar has unlocked the secret to creating fuel cells in a cost efficient way, this product also may be doomed to the dust bin of history. However, to its credit, the Bloombox has been already successfully installed in major companies like Google, Ebay, Fedex among 20 other Fortune 500 companies that have been trying this technology out. A commercial version, having a small footprintwhich can produce enough energy  to power homes, produced at a reasonable cost and reduces the burden on consumer pockets sounds like a winner.

While there has been a lot of secrecy surrounding the technology, Arnold Schwarzenneger has announced it tax free,  big corporates and even Gen. Colin Powell are putting their weight behind it. There must be something to it.