“The future doesn’t exist!!” he exclaimed, walking into my room. This was going to be another interesting day, I thought, smiling silently.

His rambling continued. “I mean tomorrow hasn’t happen yet, so how does it even exist”. I was beginning to see his point or at least so I thought.

“Tomorrow happens as a result of the sun rising, but what actually happens during a day in the future would be the effect of something we did or didn’t do. These events do not happen in isolation, rather due to a combination of the decisions that are taken by different  individuals. A decision taken by someone would compliment or supplement or totally oppose one taken by you.” It some how made sense, what he was saying.

“And that’s how events happen.” I had to interject. “Surely there are events that are out of your control or anyone’s. Lets say a health issue”. “No”, he rambled on “those are events caused by bad diagnosis, or the result of not getting a good medical test or merely negligence to take care of yourself. Again a decision taken by you or someone”

I began to see his point, though some what vaguely, and agreed with him.” Yes, I guess everything is in our control, or the result of what we decide to do or not to, but how do we come to those decisions. How do we know what to do or not to, how does anyone?”

“That depends on the way we think, the way we are brought up, the sum of our experiences” he explained.

The haze remained, and I persisted with my doubts; “What about those unexplainable things, like the origin of life, how a sperm and ovum can merge to create life. Stuff like that can’t even be duplicated in a lab, and clearly that is not the end result of decisions that you and I make”. That would give him something to think about and shut up..

“Well, Life was already there and that’s why there is a future, I’m merely concerned about tomorrow, not yesterday, Its a conspiracy of events.”

“So does time stop if the clock stops ticking. After all that is how you keep track, that’s how you measure it.” Off he went, on and on, on a tangent. Keeping track with him was often difficult, but interesting.