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A couple of anecdotes that had me smiling..

A man announced loudly at a dinner party; “In my home, I make all the major decisions and my wife makes the rest. Yes, when it comes to my family’s stand on whether the US should invade a country, whether the government should bailout bad debts…I make all the decisions..My wife takes care of the other details, about running the household and the kids etc. “

“I am the head of my family”, announced the newly wed gentleman. “My wife is the neck; she can turn me anyway she wants to”

Here dwells happiness


snort sniffle sneeze….no Antibiotics please…. I saw this at the back of a transport bus in Shuwaikh.  I wasn’t able to snap a photo, because I was driving. It must be a campaign by the Ministry of Health, I figure the pharmaceutical companies don’t get any mileage out of a campaign like that.

It had me thinking and I didn’t waste much time googling the phrase and found out that Antibiotics do not help when you have a cold or flu or viral infections…because they fight only bacteria not viruses. Moreover, these germs also develop a resistance to antibiotics, thereby lasting longer and infecting more. Studies have shown that Kuwait’s resistance patterns were second only to China, in a study carried out in China, Kuwait and the USA, on antibiotic resistance patterns.  I guess that would be enough to spur a campaign of this sort…

Click here for more information about antibiotics and resistance to their effect.

VoteEarth_WVE Vote Earth is the global election, where the world will be able to vote for our planet by switching off lights for an hour on March 28th. This hour is known as Earth hour and it started in Sydney when 2.2 million homes switched off their lights for an hour to increase awareness about global warming and green house emissions and what needs to be done to reduce them. Last year this had become a world phenomenon with all major cities participating by switching off or dimming their lights. This resulted in a lower consumption of electricity, which translated into lesser carbon di-oxide being produced.

This year the target is to reach have 1 billion lights switched off and WWF has asked everyone world over to participate by voting for the earth. The results of this voting (by turning of a light switch) will be presented to World leaders meeting at the global climate change conference which is being held in Copenhagen.

Its only an hour, on one day of a whole year.

I watched my first Carry on movie in the nineties having heard of them much earlier and always wanted to watch the carryonupthekhyberquad whole series.

The carry on series is a series of 29 low budget British movies with a highly talented cast of comedians which included Frankie Howerd, Sid James, Bernard Bresslaw and others. While they are not present in all movies, they are there in most and have a displayed a wonderful combination of parody, satire and slapstick.

The movies often used British themes, like the occupation of India, the NHS and others. I got my hands on the whole series and I’ve just completed 5 of them and have 24 more to go.

While they may not be hilariously knee slapping, they are a must watch for serious comedy fans.

Aptly named “foam fest” by another blog the national and liberation days in Kuwait were once again celebrated in the usual, foamy fashion.
The very kind at heart ignore it saying its all in good fun. I don’t understand which part of it is fun, the spraying part, or the part where I wipe my car later.
Unlike what the errant disciple told his master, this money can be put to better use. Why cant someone organize, fireworks and cookouts…

Considering the number of foam cans that were sold and used during this 48 hour period, one could really great creative.