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Its a viral video for a reality show!


Movember is a month long event, wherein men grow their moustache for a whole month and raise charity funds to support men’s health issues.
Issues like prostrate cancer and depression in men. Stuff men don’t usually pay attention to. The event was started in Australia in the late 90’s.
The prostrate, is one of those glands that make men what they are and well a cancer is something too small to ignore. Most cancers if detected at the right time can be treated.
As for depression, well I’m sure there’s nothing a strip club can’t solve!! 😀

Schick is having a promotion where they will donate a dollar if people upload their photos with moustaches and Heinz is donating 10c a bottle in honor of the moustachioed Mr. Heinz.

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test-patternAs TV broadcasts move from analog to digital, a large chunk of frequency is expected to be freed. This frequency band in the UHF spectrum will help in spreading broadband access to rural areas at a fraction of the cost, making mobile broadband access for economically viable. The UHF spectrum has better propagation characteristics and represents up to70% savings in cost.

This freeing up of frequency, represents and actual benefit of technology, as it progresses touching lives of the common man closing the gap in the digital divide.