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I just checked out my twitter account and someone seems to have hacked it. They have been tweeting stuff like :
Hello, this might be my last tweet! i found a better place to meet people online!
Hello , just wanted to let everyone know that Im barely going to use twitter anymore. This new social network is so much better and hot …
I use twitter from the net and also have added a firefox twitter add on which I also use to tweet.
I have changed my password now.. hope it works

Update: My account has now been suspended due to suspicious activity.


Over the last few days I have started some new pages on this blog. I only recently discovered the pages feature.
Ssay shall contain some essays/short stories which I plan to write.
Drive By Shots contains the thumbnails of pictures that I have shot on my mobile phone. I will be posting only thumbnails as the pictures themselves wont be that clear. 3.2 MP on the Nokia E71 you see.
Time capsule will be a list of observations that I plan to make and revisit 1 year from now and maybe even later to note the changes that have occurred over time. Feel free to contribute.

We love donuts. Back when I was in school there used to be a donut shop called Mr. Donut, and the nearest outlet I 633659392372219080-donuts could remember and the one we used to visit was the one in Rihab Complex. Well, that one’s not to be seen anymore and of late (last coupla years) we have been having all these donut places popping up (and disappearing too).

The 2 most prominent donut places now are Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme (who shall hereinafter be referred to as DD and KK respectively) . KK beats DD with the number of outlets and their new concept of opening kiosks in Co-ops bringing the donut closer to home and in a quick access format. Yes, they have a shop in almost every major mall, with their production facilities wide open to the public. They even have outlets in Nuwaiseeb and Umm Al Haiman…. and not to forget their ‘dozen delivery’ accessible at 1-822-833

DD on the other hand I feel has got it all wrong with the outlets. They have outlets in some malls but I have seen a weird one near the banking complex opp. the McDonalds. No way someone is going to stop and order donuts there…unless that is some kind of home delivery distribution center which caters to the banks and offices. They have one on the Gulf Street also right next to McD’s but getting there is a tricky one again. They are going to open one on Amman Street, and I am already trying to figure out where to park.

But the best thing about DD is the munchkins. Well they call it the holes in the Donut, but I found it an easy way to indulge in Donuts without having to live with the guilt of having wolfed down the one with the hole in it. You get 25 for a KD and you can double it too.

Other outlets include the Donut King which still exists in Maidan Hawalli, and Gonuts Donuts which seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth after their entry…

Ever wanted to know how what you said would be like if Yoda said it.  Check out this linkyoda460_796746c

Type in what you have to say and this converter will convert it to Yodish.

Obama – Assman or victim? The following picture shows Presidents 3707098888_7c7037b4eaObama and Sarkozy at the G8 summit discussing a stimulus package.

While the photo appears to show them checking out the back side of a Junior delegate from Brazil, Mayara Tavares at the G8. I wouldn’t blame him or Sarkozy for that matter. Anyone would look.

However it seems that this photo snapped at the right time was just exactly that. The video link of a news clip from abc news clears him of the allegation. Not the case for Sarkozy who definitely tries to sneak a peek and probably ended up sleeping on the couch after Carla got wind of this video