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In between meetings, and being at the Avenues, we walked into Benihana to have lunch. We, as in my colleague who had flown in from France and moi.
Benihana, this particular outlet, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late, and enough has been said about it, but I guess I was curious to find out myself. I was expecting the place to be empty, but it soon began filling up. I guess any publicity is good publicity.
What this restaurant provides, is not just Japanese food, its a whole show!
In the video above, the chef arranged onion rings in to a pyramid, poured in oil and water and had a smoking volcano..cum train!!
From the beginning till the end, I had an experience, i am sure not too many places have to offer. The food, was palatable and I’d say more so because of the fact that it is prepared (atleast 75% of it) right in front of you.
It takes a lot of skill for those chefs to do what they do, with all the twirling and tossing of sharp instruments and a good dose of spontaneous humor. For those willing to try their hands at cooking, you could even learn a couple of things.
Besides the regular ala carte and the kids menu They have a set menu which includes a main course, a soup, a salad, steamed rice and green tea. I did shoot some videos but I guess they don’t do justice to the skill of the chef.
The music was mostly remixed Indian though I think they should play Japanese music, to complete the Japanese experience, though it might clash with the high thrill experience of having flippers and salt shakers twirled right in front of you.


We love donuts. Back when I was in school there used to be a donut shop called Mr. Donut, and the nearest outlet I 633659392372219080-donuts could remember and the one we used to visit was the one in Rihab Complex. Well, that one’s not to be seen anymore and of late (last coupla years) we have been having all these donut places popping up (and disappearing too).

The 2 most prominent donut places now are Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme (who shall hereinafter be referred to as DD and KK respectively) . KK beats DD with the number of outlets and their new concept of opening kiosks in Co-ops bringing the donut closer to home and in a quick access format. Yes, they have a shop in almost every major mall, with their production facilities wide open to the public. They even have outlets in Nuwaiseeb and Umm Al Haiman…. and not to forget their ‘dozen delivery’ accessible at 1-822-833

DD on the other hand I feel has got it all wrong with the outlets. They have outlets in some malls but I have seen a weird one near the banking complex opp. the McDonalds. No way someone is going to stop and order donuts there…unless that is some kind of home delivery distribution center which caters to the banks and offices. They have one on the Gulf Street also right next to McD’s but getting there is a tricky one again. They are going to open one on Amman Street, and I am already trying to figure out where to park.

But the best thing about DD is the munchkins. Well they call it the holes in the Donut, but I found it an easy way to indulge in Donuts without having to live with the guilt of having wolfed down the one with the hole in it. You get 25 for a KD and you can double it too.

Other outlets include the Donut King which still exists in Maidan Hawalli, and Gonuts Donuts which seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth after their entry…

camel meat A Saudi restaurant (Hashi meals) is offering Hashi Burgers. Hashi is local lingo for baby camels. The camel has been used as a multi-role beast of burden in the region, excelling in its role as desert transportation, milk provider, fodder and even war machine. During the pre-oil era wealth was measured based on the heads of camel one owned. Camels are still revered, in their region with races and beauty pageants being held regularly. Dubai even hosts a camel hospital were injured race camels are taken for treatment.

Camel meat is known to be low fat and healthy, and the burger seems to be gaining popularity in the Kingdom. The Milk has also been used for regular consumption and more recently for manufacturing camel milk Chocolate. While I am not sure if eating a camel is exactly halal, it comes from the Kingdom, so I guess it must be certified.

Make one yourself. Get the best steak, grind it, make it into a patty and fry it…just like it was done for Henry Ford.

Burger King was forced to pull back an ad and apologize to the Hindu community after it displayed an ad portraying theburger_1440211c   Hindu goddess Saraswati along with a Whopper sandwich. The sandwich made of a beef patty, and egg based mayo, both forbidden by strict vegan Hindus added injury to the insult.

However following the worldwide outcry, the ads were pulled from the restaurants in Spain where it was displayed. This has probably just given another excuse to anti-globalization proponents, who demonstrated and destroyed KFC outlets when they opened, to oppose the opening of more western fast food restaurants. McDee’s serves only non-beef meat and vegetarian sandwiches in the outlets they operate in India.

The ad says: The meal is sacred.

Are you a locavore..? What is a locavore? and its even a part of official vocabulary as of 2007.

Well a locavore is a person who consumes food which is grown within a certain radius around them. The food should not have been transported over long distances and should have been produced locally within that radius.

This is to help in keeping the environment clean and consuming the food closer to where it was grown. Being a locavore can be quite tricky when it comes to foodstuffs which are not produced locally, that do not grow in the local clime. But every bit counts…

This could provide a strong push for local farmers as their produce could be sold faster and help them.