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Today I got a call from a Hindi speaking person, claiming to be from my service provider Wataniya and informing me that I won 20,000 KD, and I should call him back, quick. I feigned surprise and agreed to.

Then I started thinking, what would be going through this chap’s head. Would he be elated that he got a new ‘bakra’? Would he be waiting for me to call him back? Was I just another number on a long list of random numbers?

I started out on this post thinking of not to expose my MSP or the number…but on second thoughts…I got the call from 66081214!

I think the mobile service providers should have some sort of registry where customers can report these cases of fraud, though it would be difficult to differentiate from a real fraud report and a prank fraud report, much like ordering Pizzas and have someone else pay for it, but if a person can register their details and not be hounded for doing that, then it would be encouraging!



Kochouseph Chitillapilly, owner of publicly traded V Guard( which is a pioneer in voltage stabilizers and other electrical and electronic consumables) and a couple of leading amusement parks in India, besides other businesses, has decided to donate his kidney. By doing so he will be starting a kidney donor chain, where a relative of the recipient, usually a spouse, parent or sibling, will donate a kidney to another needy matching recipient and so on and so forth.

The inspiration behind the chain and Kochouseph’s decision is a Catholic priest, Fr. John Chiramel, who donated one of his kidneys to a renal patient. This act was all the more significant in a country where communal strife, though not rampant is lurking around the corner, as the recipient was a Hindu. The priest has definitely demonstrated a shining example of communal harmony. Fr. John is also the President & Founder of the Kidney Federation of India, which plans to start a kidney bank and provide haemodialysis to needy patients at affordable rates.

The media in India, which tries to milk the public’s sympathy by crying foul when they find someone selling a kidney to make a few bucks to feed their families or send a child to school, and does not bat an eyelid while describing the gory details of organs being harvested from people without their permission, has missed this bit of news which would have inspired many and educated a lot more on how a person can survive on one kidney.

The example set forth by this industrialist should set an example of philanthropy, which seems to be lacking in India when compared to the West.


A great attempt by what looks like an Emirati national, at singing a Malayalam song!!