Today I got a call from a Hindi speaking person, claiming to be from my service provider Wataniya and informing me that I won 20,000 KD, and I should call him back, quick. I feigned surprise and agreed to.

Then I started thinking, what would be going through this chap’s head. Would he be elated that he got a new ‘bakra’? Would he be waiting for me to call him back? Was I just another number on a long list of random numbers?

I started out on this post thinking of not to expose my MSP or the number…but on second thoughts…I got the call from 66081214!

I think the mobile service providers should have some sort of registry where customers can report these cases of fraud, though it would be difficult to differentiate from a real fraud report and a prank fraud report, much like ordering Pizzas and have someone else pay for it, but if a person can register their details and not be hounded for doing that, then it would be encouraging!