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Kochouseph Chitillapilly, owner of publicly traded V Guard( which is a pioneer in voltage stabilizers and other electrical and electronic consumables) and a couple of leading amusement parks in India, besides other businesses, has decided to donate his kidney. By doing so he will be starting a kidney donor chain, where a relative of the recipient, usually a spouse, parent or sibling, will donate a kidney to another needy matching recipient and so on and so forth.

The inspiration behind the chain and Kochouseph’s decision is a Catholic priest, Fr. John Chiramel, who donated one of his kidneys to a renal patient. This act was all the more significant in a country where communal strife, though not rampant is lurking around the corner, as the recipient was a Hindu. The priest has definitely demonstrated a shining example of communal harmony. Fr. John is also the President & Founder of the Kidney Federation of India, which plans to start a kidney bank and provide haemodialysis to needy patients at affordable rates.

The media in India, which tries to milk the public’s sympathy by crying foul when they find someone selling a kidney to make a few bucks to feed their families or send a child to school, and does not bat an eyelid while describing the gory details of organs being harvested from people without their permission, has missed this bit of news which would have inspired many and educated a lot more on how a person can survive on one kidney.

The example set forth by this industrialist should set an example of philanthropy, which seems to be lacking in India when compared to the West.


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Nathan Sawaya, is one of the few LEGO Master Model Builders (there are only 40 in the world). He works using a medium used mostly by kids – LEGO Blocks. A lawyer by profession, he is full time into LEGO sculpting. Some of his famous works include a 7-foot long replica of the Brooklyn bridge and a life size T-Rex skeleton.

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More about the artist here

nm_paul_newman_070523_ssv Paul Newman has passed away. Actor, Race car driver and team owner, owner of Newman’s Own line of premium food products.

Paul Newman acted in Cat on a hot tin roof, the Color of money for which he received an Oscar, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid and the Silent Movie. More recently he acted in the road to Perdition and provided the voice for Doc Hudson in Disney’s animation feature Cars.

Newman’s royalties from his food business were donated totally to charities and he had started the hall in the wall camps for children with life threatening diseases.

Paula Creamer, one of the top 10 among the Women’s world Golf Rankings, is also one of the youngest professional plar01_creamer0306golfers. 

She is known as the Pink Panther on the course, due to her fondness for wearing something in pink and her general affinity to the shade. This includes club grips, golf bag and even a pink panther cover for her driver. Percept Golf provides her with Pink golf balls, which she regularly uses during the last round of every tournament.

Now that’s a fetish.  She doesn’t seem to have a website, but with the interest she is generating, it would be a great idea.