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I recently joined the ranks of the padded when I was gifted an ipad.
No, I am not going to extoll the virtues of Steve Jobs’ imagination, many before me have done that.
However, the other day, I found my self, laptop-less. So, I logged into google docs, made a .doc document, which is the commonly used format, attached it to an email and sent it to a customer.
The model had changed. I didn’t have to have the most commonly used OS anymore, I didn’t need a valid licensed office productivity software suite or purchase any expensive software. This minor exercise in Cloud computing just changed all that!!
I leave you with something I received in an email. Don’t believe all of it…you’ll just love the ipad!!


The day Polaroid had stopped production of their instant cameras, must have been a one for many a photographer. It was one of the few truly innovative products. Imagine point shoot and viola you have a photo in your hand. I always wondered what they would do different. Would they just join the digi-cam race with another camera, or would they do something different. Well they did both.

They have come up with the Digital PoGo camera and a compatible wireless printer that uses no ink. You have to, of course, load their ZINK Photo paper. The output is on a 2x3in. paper which even has a peel off back so that the photo can be used a sticker.

The printers are USB and Bluetooth enabled and also come with rechargeable battery. Back to the good old days of instant photography!!

They may also bring back their classic instant cameras.

test-patternAs TV broadcasts move from analog to digital, a large chunk of frequency is expected to be freed. This frequency band in the UHF spectrum will help in spreading broadband access to rural areas at a fraction of the cost, making mobile broadband access for economically viable. The UHF spectrum has better propagation characteristics and represents up to70% savings in cost.

This freeing up of frequency, represents and actual benefit of technology, as it progresses touching lives of the common man closing the gap in the digital divide.

Google Wave is supposed to be one of the newest collaborative tools from the 251px-Googlewave.svgGoogle stable that will merge emails, social networking, IMs and wikis in a forum style room, using text and even video.

This tool is supposed to make sending messages and follow ups easier and more organized. While users can leave messages in response, and view and respond each time they log in, they can also view entries in real time. A wave will consist of blips which users can respond to.

Waves are slated to replace email once the technology is stabilized and becomes popular.

The preview version is now available to invitees and comes with 20 user invites/recommendations.

I have just started creating my list of contacts to test it out… looks good!

tech_dlna_expand The dlna (digital living network alliance) is a standard being used by manufacturers of electronic media devices, which allow them to interact with each other.

Your flat screen would be able to play media or other content from your laptop or other device across a home network. A person could buy a device of any brand and also be sure that those devices would work with each other, seamlessly.

As of August 2009 there were over 5,500 devices certified as being dlna compliant. So the next time you are out shopping, make sure that the device you are looking for is dlna compliant.