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The other day I saw the video of this Kuwaiti short film, Sharq at Its all of 20 odd minutes, but full of spirit. Just great! It has subtitles which make it more understandable. Enjoy


ngbanI got an email offering a 1 year subscription to the National Geographic magazine for only 15$.
Seemed like a steal, so I clicked on the links and went on to subscribe.
That page, on which I landed had the offer only for the US & Canada.. huh?
OK…there was another link which was for international subscriptions. Great!! they think of everything! So I click that and Kuwait is not there on it. Strange…! Ah yes! they think of everything – ‘If your country is not listed click here for other regions’ So I click again and there is no Kuwait there either, just countries no one would want to go right now!!!…Is this magazine banned here.
I’m going to try writing to them.

Just downloaded an app which allows me to post to wordpress from my nokia E71. This is my first mobile post.
The app can be downloaded from http://

Still getting the hang of it and will be testing more features soon. Now readers will know the kind of phone I use. Am I taking privacy too lightly..!!

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Google Wave is supposed to be one of the newest collaborative tools from the 251px-Googlewave.svgGoogle stable that will merge emails, social networking, IMs and wikis in a forum style room, using text and even video.

This tool is supposed to make sending messages and follow ups easier and more organized. While users can leave messages in response, and view and respond each time they log in, they can also view entries in real time. A wave will consist of blips which users can respond to.

Waves are slated to replace email once the technology is stabilized and becomes popular.

The preview version is now available to invitees and comes with 20 user invites/recommendations.

I have just started creating my list of contacts to test it out… looks good!

tech_dlna_expand The dlna (digital living network alliance) is a standard being used by manufacturers of electronic media devices, which allow them to interact with each other.

Your flat screen would be able to play media or other content from your laptop or other device across a home network. A person could buy a device of any brand and also be sure that those devices would work with each other, seamlessly.

As of August 2009 there were over 5,500 devices certified as being dlna compliant. So the next time you are out shopping, make sure that the device you are looking for is dlna compliant.