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A recent trip to New Delhi, the Capitol of the second and latest member of the Billion plus club, India, had me wondering. What is the motivation behind releiving ones self, by answering the call of nature in the middle of the street or on the side of the highway in plain view of passersby, both pedestrian as well as motorists. What is this primal urge that still resides in Indians, that is common with animals, that has not been discarded along the path of evolution.
From Moraji Desai, former PM, famed to have consumed his own urine, ayurvedic treatments that prescribe mixing herbal concoctions with cow urine to bumper stickers which proudly proclaim ‘Maruti ne SUSU ki’, the Indians fascination with golden showers are evident.
I bear witness to this act of public display of excreta in other cities in India too, where the sanitation network leaves a lot to be desired. To see this in a city built a 100 years ago, developed to house the rulers of the colonies and then the colonial houses of the rulers, leaves me wondering, why can’t one wait till they reach a toilet.
Twice daily, every day for three days, that was the frequency, and at one point the driver of my cab stopped on the highway for a ‘pit stop’ and then zipped away, like it was the right thing to do.
Paintball, so far, has been a game of warfare and strategy, where plastic pouches of brightly colored paint are shot from high powered pneumatic pistols, to mark the opponent as killed in action, rendering them disqualified and ineligible to continue. It leaves a slight sting and a big splotch of paint.
An army of sharp shooters, trained in stealth tactics, roaming the streets and manning highways, creeping up behind these offenders who have their backs turned to decency and shame, and marking them as offenders with a shot of paint. Yellow, Yellow, dirty fellow…thats the color! Shock and awe, shame and maim. This might solve the problem or at least intimidate them.


This is an animated video created by an Indian company called Rocket Science Animation. For those of us who fly, please remember this visual, when the crew asks you to remain seated till the aircraft has come to a complete halt.

Notice how most passengers get a case of seenitallitis when the cabin crew does the safety demos? Air Newzealand has come up with a novel way to catch passengers’ attention to their new fares. Now if they could do this on the flight, I’m sure everyone would watch the safety demo

ULTra or Urban Light Transport is a mass transportation system that offers on demand non stop transportation muchCanopy_with_Vehicle like a metro train, but in the comfort of your own module. The waiting times for the modules are negligible at less than a minute and can transport passengers non stop to their destination. The best part, perhaps is not having to share your module with people who are not part of your group. This feature makes it comparable with a car, and at minimum environmental impact.

The modules can seat up to 4 passengers with enough space for shopping and even wheel chairs. The system is driverless and the passengers can maintain a link with the control station through audio links. The vehicle can carry around 450 Kg payload and travels at a speed of 40kph. While these speeds may seem to be slow, the fact the vehicles are traveling non stop from point to point should make up for that pace.

With Kuwait and other Gulf countries considering a metro system, this idea is just in time for consideration for a mass transportation system, that allows for safe, secure, exclusive travel perhaps complimenting a metro system.

A video animation of the installation at Heathrow Airport which is expected to be operational in the spring of ’09 is shown below.

London’s regular Routemaster buses are going to get a facelift, with the submission of Aston Martin _45312417_fosters-aston_martinand Foster+partners  new design. The design retains the traditional colors and look, but gives it a facelift which is more in line with the times. Selected as the best from a design competition with a prize of 25000 pounds,  that included more than 700 entries from companies and even children,the bus is accessible by all including invalids through a side opening and also retains the hop-on hop-off back door. The buses will also feature solar panels and will be zero emission making them greener, than the current gas guzzlers. The buses are expected to be in service by 2011.