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Is it time to bid good bye to the Blackberry? In 2003, the company stormed the market with their push email product, BB messenger, and browser, which promised to change the way business was done.
Their march forward, fueled by their USPs, saw their subscriber count go up to 79 million customers around the world.
To their credit they were pioneers in secure push email, the USP they banked on the most, only to be copied by solution providers who soon came put with their own push solutions. But this was mostly a product aimed at business houses and for corporate email.
The QWERTY keyboard allowed the corporate yuppy to key in his email, with the least of typos which would never be possible on a flat touch screen. Secure chat helped fuel the ride of the BBM to the top and a browser that allowed a user to browse porn even over safe filtered internet connections gave Blackberry an edge over the rest. Like the DVD industry, it was no surprise what was propelling sales of BB devices to users who were not going to use it for secure corporate email communication. All this was soon to change, what with OTT apps like whatsapp and the Opera mobile browser, which obliterated the USP of the Blackberry.
Cheaper Android based devices and the more stylish iOS tablets and phablets ate steadily into the market share of Blackberry. The BB playbook tablet, an ill conceived keeping up with the jonses, device did not manage to revive its fortunes.
A rechristening of RIM to Blackberry was supposed to give it a new energy, but it only saw the company sacking over 4500 people, fat it had gained at its peak. New investors have now taken over the company, and without the infusion of a new spirit, which will see the release of new and innovative services and products it is hard to see where the company is headed.
BB surely has patents and 1.6 billion $ cash in hand and this corpus may see it through for a few more months.
The future is bleak and soon the Blackberry will be relegated to the annals of history, if they dont come out with new solutions besides nicer looking hardware, and a renewed focus on the corporate market!
Leave the chatting and porn to the consumer products, for the kids, and stick with the corporates to carve out a niche.


A few years ago, Asianet launched a Radio station, which was probably the first malayalam radio station in the Gulf. I went out a bought a SONY SW receiver in the hopes of listening to some Malayalam radio, as that station was being broadcast out of the UAE. My hopes were dashed when all I heard was faint sounds, in between a lot of static. The radio was stashed away. Expensive, non performing asset. Internet radio gave me access to 96.7 FM also being broadcast out of Dubai, which was small relief. 

The radio has found new life, with the launch of a Malayalam Channel in Kuwait. Yes, you read that right. Its been launched and they have a web page which is still being developed. The station is being broadcast on 98.4 FM. This might be seen as not such a big deal, but for the Malayalee expat, who can’t be separated from his Malayali movie music, this is IT. 

Now to tune my AV receiver and my car’s radio….

Today I got a call from a Hindi speaking person, claiming to be from my service provider Wataniya and informing me that I won 20,000 KD, and I should call him back, quick. I feigned surprise and agreed to.

Then I started thinking, what would be going through this chap’s head. Would he be elated that he got a new ‘bakra’? Would he be waiting for me to call him back? Was I just another number on a long list of random numbers?

I started out on this post thinking of not to expose my MSP or the number…but on second thoughts…I got the call from 66081214!

I think the mobile service providers should have some sort of registry where customers can report these cases of fraud, though it would be difficult to differentiate from a real fraud report and a prank fraud report, much like ordering Pizzas and have someone else pay for it, but if a person can register their details and not be hounded for doing that, then it would be encouraging!


Gizmodo the gadget blog were able to get their hands on the latest iphone, which was lost by one of Apple’s engineers.

I hope they guy doesn’t end up dead like what had happen some time back in China.

check it out here