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Following his cameo appearance in a Spiderman comic, Barack Obama, is once again set to appear in a comic book. This time his own character, where he will be hogging the limelight. Devil’s Due publishing is bringing out the Barack the Barbarian comic book series,  which also features other characters like Boosh the Dim, Sarah the Red, and Cha Nee the Grim. Taking a page out of history, the first title is called (and aptly so) The Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli. The content is mostly comedy and political satire and they have managed to do justice to Sarah Palin too.

Obama is the ruler of Kickassistan also known as Hope Kingdom and is battling to protect it from the forces of evil. I cant wait to see what the rest of the characters will be like. It should take the pinch out of the recession and the punitive measures taken to battle the ugly giant which has reared its head.


This is an experiment headed by James Balog, to document the effect of climate change on the glaciers. His team installed 26 time lapse cameras across various locations, on the Northern Hemisphere. The promo video is shown below.

The actual results can be seen on the National Geographic site here