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There is little evidence to prove that Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December, yet the celebrations and traditions that surround this date continue. Over time Christmas has become more about partying, the big fat guy in the red suit, buying expensive gifts, another reason to get drunk and such things.

People get so engrossed in the spirit of the season, they forget the actual goodness that Jesus stood for.While the goodness spread through carols and church services have always been a part of the celebration we forget to care for the poor, to give to the needy, to give back to society what it has given us. Let us take this opportunity, make Christmas an excuse to do something good which affects the life of the needy..

Merry Christmas


47114711 – (pronounced four seven eleven) is the original eau de cologne, the formula for this ‘aqua mirabilis’ of which has remained a secret for over 200 years. It is one of the oldest brands in the world and is rumored to use a formula handed down from a monk.  Having gone through variations, the current bottle in which the perfume is now bottled, has a small collar piece between the shoulder and the cap of the bottle, which enables the liquid to expand.  It was available in Kuwait a long time ago…though I haven’t seen this around recently.

Received this in my email…couldn’t help but post it..

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bmary I just came across this re-jigged recipe for a Bloody Mary. While most of the basic ingredients remain the same, the difference is in the juice used and the garnish. Its called a Chatka Mary.

The cocktail is made of:


Guava Juice

Worcestershire sauce

Tobasco Sauce

Lime Juice

All the above in the usual bloody Mary proportions, depending on how strong you like your drink.

The garnish is also done a little differently, as the glass is rimmed not only with salt but also red chili powder.

Now that should be interesting as it has the sweetness of Guava, and the spiciness of red chilies washed down with alcohol. Other interesting combinations include replacing the Guava Juice with fresh Coconut Water. has released its annual list of richest Arabs. While HRH Prince Waleed tops the list, the majority are from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with stray entries from Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine.

The entire list can be found here

All the things I could do
If I had a little money – Abba