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Mask rm-2 Ron Mueck, Brooklyn Gallery - Flickr rm-3

Ron Mueck is an Australian artist who has been creating hyperrealistic art sculptures. Banking on his earlier experience as a model maker, Ron works with silicon,  reproducing even minute details of the human body to make sculptures which vary in scale from being larger than life to smaller proportions. More on the artist here


Fish Market is the new seafood restaurant that has opened up near the Kuwait Towers. The building, which previously housed the Maharajah Palace restaurant, now houses 2 restaurants; Fish Market and Fusion – which is a Japanese Chinese Mix restaurant (or so I heard).

Fish Market follows the pick and cook style that is found in Seafood restaurants around the world. The last time I saw that happening was at Mahesh’s (chain of seafood restaurants) in Mumbai. With a variety of Seafood and Cooking styles they have managed to keep the process as simple as possible. The staff accompanies you to the market stall where you can pick the fish you want. Mostly frozen, though there are some live lobsters swimming around in tanks. The Fish should be fresh, as Kuwait does have a seafaring culture and the catch is usually fresh.

I am quite wary when it comes to seafood as it can get messy. So when my wife went out and ordered the Lobster cooked in the hot Thai Chilli sauce I feared the worst. But it came cooked with the meat outside and that made the experience more enjoyable. I ordered a Zubaidy – Deep Fried, crisp and golden..that though turned out to be more messy than the Lobster. The Hot Thai Chilli Sauce was NOT hot.

The sweet corn with Crab meat was great and the Wonton’s were crispy. Tartar sauce, a great accompaniment.

The seafood is charged for by the Kilo which is understandable, though I am not sure what those charges entail and it has a 1.000 KD cooking charge. But charging for Fried Rice by the Kilo seemed to be a new billing strategy. The Mocktails, as usual leave a lot to be desired. Mocktails??!! They should keep it simple Seven up with white meat and Coke with red meat!

While I’m not a fan of sea blue paint, anywhere, the mini aquariums and the wooden decor provided an uncomplicated ambience. Not much exploring was done around the restaurant, but I liked what I saw. The staff was friendly and the water was cooled in a champagne ice bucket cooler.

A meal for 2 cost a little over 17 KD each.

I would definitely go back.

The focus on cultivating corn for ethanol has lead to agflation (rise of food prices due to grains being diverted for fuel production). This rise in food prices is a good thing. This will only lead to more land being put under cultivation of food grains. Once supply of food grains increase, the price is bound to fall.

Rising food prices may not be necessarily a bad thing in the long run.

After weeks of planning to do some searching and finding on blogs by Bollywood actors, I finally got around to visiting the blogs put up by Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. Its quite interesting to know that the demigods of the entertainment of industry can actually be in touch with their audience through another medium.

While it is certainly difficult to read the Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog – without having a voice over of his booming voice, which I feel is his USP just before his personality and acting skills in that order. The site is hosted by Bigadda which is a social networking site which is trying to pull of a facebook or orkut – banking on the Indian populations rising digital affluence. Of course the Big B might also be just helping out his friend Anil Ambani who owns Bigadda by brining in more hits and probably going to use those stats to get more investor funding. The Big B is actually providing a minute by minute account of his life, even using a mobile blogging tool provided by Bigadda. Unless he is masking his exact locations and his security team is doing what they should be, I know where to find him now

Aamir Khans blog – is more like a fan site. The simple design is quite enchanting and none of that movie poster business on the page – at least not today.

But they both seem to be attempts at pushing their movies. Considering that is their profession and considering the thin story lines that some writers come up with, the movies would need all the pushing that they can get. Who better to do it than the super stars themselves…

The following are a few lifestyle changes that are recommended by the UNEP [United Nations Environment Program]which if adopted can lead to a smaller individual carbon foot print (or emissions – somehow that didn’t sound right).

-Waking up with a traditional wind-up alarm clock rather than the beep of an electronic one – this can save someone almost 48 grams (g) of CO2 each day.

WED_LOGO_ENG-Choosing to dry clothes on a washing line versus a tumble dryer – a daily carbon diet of 2.3 Kg of CO2.

-Replacing a 45-minute workout on a treadmill with a jog in a nearby park. This saves nearly 1 Kg of the main greenhouse gas.

-Opting for non-electric toothbrush will avoid nearly 48 g of CO2 emissions;

-Heating bread rolls in a toaster versus an oven for 15 minutes saves nearly 170 g of CO2;

-Switching from regular 60-Watt light bulbs to energy-saving CFL ones will produce four times less greenhouse gas emissions;

-Taking the train rather than the car for a daily office commute of as little as 8 km will save a big 1.7 Kg of CO2;

-Shutting down your computer and flat screen both during lunch break and after working hours will cut CO2 emissions generated by these appliances by one-third; and

-Investing in a water-saving shower head will not only save 10 liters of water per minute, but will also slash CO2 emissions resulting from a three-minute hot shower by half.

– Studies indicate that if every airline passenger reduced to below 20Kg the weight of goods and items carried and bought what they needed on arrival at a duty-free lounge, this could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by two million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.

These are simple things that if adopted can make a huge difference to the world around us without major changes to our lifestyle.