Fish Market is the new seafood restaurant that has opened up near the Kuwait Towers. The building, which previously housed the Maharajah Palace restaurant, now houses 2 restaurants; Fish Market and Fusion – which is a Japanese Chinese Mix restaurant (or so I heard).

Fish Market follows the pick and cook style that is found in Seafood restaurants around the world. The last time I saw that happening was at Mahesh’s (chain of seafood restaurants) in Mumbai. With a variety of Seafood and Cooking styles they have managed to keep the process as simple as possible. The staff accompanies you to the market stall where you can pick the fish you want. Mostly frozen, though there are some live lobsters swimming around in tanks. The Fish should be fresh, as Kuwait does have a seafaring culture and the catch is usually fresh.

I am quite wary when it comes to seafood as it can get messy. So when my wife went out and ordered the Lobster cooked in the hot Thai Chilli sauce I feared the worst. But it came cooked with the meat outside and that made the experience more enjoyable. I ordered a Zubaidy – Deep Fried, crisp and golden..that though turned out to be more messy than the Lobster. The Hot Thai Chilli Sauce was NOT hot.

The sweet corn with Crab meat was great and the Wonton’s were crispy. Tartar sauce, a great accompaniment.

The seafood is charged for by the Kilo which is understandable, though I am not sure what those charges entail and it has a 1.000 KD cooking charge. But charging for Fried Rice by the Kilo seemed to be a new billing strategy. The Mocktails, as usual leave a lot to be desired. Mocktails??!! They should keep it simple Seven up with white meat and Coke with red meat!

While I’m not a fan of sea blue paint, anywhere, the mini aquariums and the wooden decor provided an uncomplicated ambience. Not much exploring was done around the restaurant, but I liked what I saw. The staff was friendly and the water was cooled in a champagne ice bucket cooler.

A meal for 2 cost a little over 17 KD each.

I would definitely go back.