After weeks of planning to do some searching and finding on blogs by Bollywood actors, I finally got around to visiting the blogs put up by Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. Its quite interesting to know that the demigods of the entertainment of industry can actually be in touch with their audience through another medium.

While it is certainly difficult to read the Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog – without having a voice over of his booming voice, which I feel is his USP just before his personality and acting skills in that order. The site is hosted by Bigadda which is a social networking site which is trying to pull of a facebook or orkut – banking on the Indian populations rising digital affluence. Of course the Big B might also be just helping out his friend Anil Ambani who owns Bigadda by brining in more hits and probably going to use those stats to get more investor funding. The Big B is actually providing a minute by minute account of his life, even using a mobile blogging tool provided by Bigadda. Unless he is masking his exact locations and his security team is doing what they should be, I know where to find him now

Aamir Khans blog – is more like a fan site. The simple design is quite enchanting and none of that movie poster business on the page – at least not today.

But they both seem to be attempts at pushing their movies. Considering that is their profession and considering the thin story lines that some writers come up with, the movies would need all the pushing that they can get. Who better to do it than the super stars themselves…