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My search for a pair of Rx-able sunglasses got over when I visited the Mont Blanc service center to have my wife’s sunglasses fixed. They showed me the Liberty range from Liberty Sport, which was the closes to a pair of sporty looking glasses as a semi-visually impaired person can get.

Being Rx-able means that you can have prescription lens fit into226_l the frames without it looking awkward and actually looking like they are a pair of sunglasses. They also have a range of magnetic accessories which make these glasses fit for a wide range of sports and hobbies like golf or biking. Standard equipment includes a semi hard carry case, a band and magnetic side covers which provide extra protection depending on the model you choose.

They have a cool range which is currently available at Kefan Optics and International Optique in Kuwait.


The Emperor of all maladies by Siddartha Mukherjee makes for a more interesting read than just an addition to the nowreading hash tag on Twitter.

I am now half way through the book, and it seems to be the guide to cancer for non-medical professionals or perhaps the dummy’s guide to cancer. The wrcancer-ribbonsiting style is simple and lucid. The book presents a hassle free look at cancer, making it sound so good that you wish you would get cancer, because it is largely curable, or at least that is the feeling you get as you go through the book.  I am not going to attempt to review the book any further.

What struck me as very interesting was the fact that cancer which is perceived as death and destruction is shown as the anti-thesis of disease, in that it is an uncontrolled proliferation of cells. Cancer is actually a growth of cells and not the destruction of cells. No one has been able to find out how it starts or why it does so.

Given that certain cancers still remain incurable, I am forced to think that Cancer may be just an other evolutionary process in the progress of man. We may be trying to stop the unstoppable in trying to find a cure, and stop the evolution of mankind.

What if it wasn’t meant to be cured? What if we are playing havoc with our evolutionary process? What if we are throwing a spanner in the works?