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I was at the airport the other day and browsing through the book shop at the arrivals, waiting for an aircraft to land, I came across the Twitter Celebrity directory – 1st edition.

With anyone who’s anyone having a twitter account and tweeting away, and making an event out of breaking wind or even their wildest most inconsequential thoughts, this could serve as the who’s who in the celebrity world. At 6.something KD, I was just wondering if such a publication would have any takers or even make it to a second edition.

Twitter doesn’t still have a chargeable service, though they do have some kind of B2B deals. It is surprising how many ideas have sprung around it and how it has a lot of potential. Now whodathunk it..


OK…? What did I miss?

The screen shot above is what I saw when I opened google today…(after Mrs.Mentabolism called me about it)

Either someone got their dates wrong, or this is the beginning of a month long celebration. Would this serve as an excuse not to attend work today?

In any case, even if its a month away..Happy National Day Kuwait…we love you!

There are some new TV shows, coming on air and new seasons too of shows that are already airing.

However one thing I have been noticing is a common thread: mid life crises, and that too mostly played by actors known for their portrayal of youthful characters..for instance

Cougar town – Courtney Cox –  divorced business owner dating younger men (Theres even a role for Lisa Kudrow)

Mr. Sunshine – Matthew Perry – Sports arena manager going through a midlife crisis

Men of a certain Age – Ray Romano (exception) – Friends in mid 40’s dealing with the realities of middle age

Did the audience just get older or is this what younger audiences want? Well as long as it is comedy, I guess people will watch it.  Hope they are as good as they are made out to be. For now…back to the TV…

The day Polaroid had stopped production of their instant cameras, must have been a one for many a photographer. It was one of the few truly innovative products. Imagine point shoot and viola you have a photo in your hand. I always wondered what they would do different. Would they just join the digi-cam race with another camera, or would they do something different. Well they did both.

They have come up with the Digital PoGo camera and a compatible wireless printer that uses no ink. You have to, of course, load their ZINK Photo paper. The output is on a 2x3in. paper which even has a peel off back so that the photo can be used a sticker.

The printers are USB and Bluetooth enabled and also come with rechargeable battery. Back to the good old days of instant photography!!

They may also bring back their classic instant cameras.