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An Australian T-Shirt company run by two designers have come up with a Tshirt which says: She’s Dead – Get over it” amd_diana_t-shirt1 referring to the undue media interest that is given to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Come to think of it..the death itself has been done to death. Was she killed, wasn’t she killed. Imagine her kids having to read this in the newspaper everyday. Of course, it has been keeping the scribes busy and selling newspapers to the fans.

Conspiracy theory: Maybe Diana and Dodi are living under assumed names and identities in a “witness protection program” style community, to get away from the glare of the media and the royal family. They are alive.

The site borders on the verge of racist…so I wont link it here..


These picture were taken from outer space and shows the satellite jam around earth. Kudos to the people who keep it in orbit without banging into each other. I wonder how the space shuttles fly out through this mess. I’m sure there must be a clean spot somewhere over some, which does not require too many satellites peeking into that area.

Doomsday scenario…imagine all of those or even a tiny percentage of them falling into earth sucked in by the gravitational force…someone make a movie!!


Thanks MT

clip_image002I’ve got two SMS messages so far warning me about the bad weather predicted tonight and the day after. It was signed Mishal Al-Roomi. I doubted the veracity of these SMS messages and checked out his website, which also carried a similar warning. The screen shot on the site shows weird weather for the next two days.

But that led me to wonder. How truthful are these spam SMS’s that we receive. This could be a hoax. How do you verify the origin of these messages which are passed on from one to the other.

Though its bright and sunny outside right now in Kuwait City, these storms could pass by in a minute and wreak havoc….be safe!

Allison Watt was one of the artists who were holding an exhibition called Phantom in the Sunley Room at the National Gallery, which will be running till June 2008.

Her artworks are paintings of white fabrics. The paintings show the fabrics twisted, knotted and folded to depict what may seem to resemble the human body and border on the side of erotic and suggestive.

Though monochromatic and simple the power of the images that are rendered have a strong effect.

Prints & post cards are available at the NG shop and online. More on the artist here

Now this might look like I’m plugging Emirates and Lego…

Emirates has its award winning Skywards loyalty program, which I would say has now ehsbloomed and blossomed into what every loyalty program should be. Until recently, loyalty programs were all about gathering points and hoping to find an upgrade or seat which required only the paltry points in your account, handed out by airlines and hotels. The other option would be to watch them expire.

With Highstreet, Emirates is now offering a whole range of products ranging from toys, lifestyle products, holidays. You can use your points, or pay using credit cards, or a combination of both to order a whole range of products which can be delivered to your door step for a small price.

I ordered the Lego F1 model using my points which were about to expire soon and paid a little less than 10 US$ to have it delivered to my doorstep. It arrived in 3 days and good shape too. The site is totally transparent, with weights and freight rates and no surprises. Whoever thought this one up has definitely shopped online.

A lot of companies need to look at this paradigm if they are actually planning to inspire loyalty to their brand. Customers not only need to earn points, but need to find a way to use those points too. If the points are not usable on something which is perceived as useful the idea behind actually gathering those points will be lost. Loyalty needs to be rewarded, same as your puppy.

So get shopping here.