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2000to Polymer banknotes are banknotes which are made of a special material called BOPP. These notes provide security features that cannot be found in paper notes and also have a longer life than paper notes which can be soiled and torn. These notes cannot be crumpled, as they return to their original state, and they cannot be torn either. 

These kind of notes are currently being used in Australia, Brunei and a handful of other countries.With the large number of funny money being found everywhere more governments are considering this option.

Kuwait had issued a special commemorative  1 KD note following the liberation. Does anyone have these?

If checks were made of the same material it would give a new meaning to the term bouncing…


Seward Johnson is a sculptor, who works with bronze. He has cast over 250 life size bronze statues, which have been placed in private collections. His most dramatic work is the 70′ giant called ‘The Awakening’ in Washington DC. The statues are action figures, involved in daily activities.

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Seward Johnson is the grandson of Robert Wood Johnson, the founder of Johnson & Johnson, but was disinherited from his will. The sculptors site can be accessed here.

That’s a concept I have been hearing since school…how the world has become a smaller place, due to the CommunityRadioCartoonimprovements in communications. I think it just went a step closer to tiny, with Internet Radios.

These are basically WiFi receivers that connect to Internet Radio stations from around the world, same like your PC would connect to a site that is having an Internet Radio station. There are over 10,000 stations from which you can choose, in a variety of languages, being broadcast from almost all countries around the globe.

Since it works on WiFi, I guess the faster your connection, the better is the reception that you get.

Kuwait has 5 stations broadcasting on the Internet, including the ATC! The largest number of stations are from the US with over 3000 and there are a few countries with only 1 station, like Cambodia.

That means no more tuning the Multiband SW radio, standing on your head and connecting a wire on your toe to act as an antenna.


Scrabulous_logoWith a name like Scrabulous, it wouldn’t be long before the game attracted a law suit. More so, because the board, the number of tiles and even the rules are the same as Hasbro’s Scrabble. The brothers who created the online version believed in making the game free for all to play. Initially started as an application on Facebook, the lawsuit forced the creators to take it off Facebook. It has now been spun off as a separate website, signing on thousands of users daily. The action by Hasbro asking Facebook to take the application off, even led to the creation of a group called Save Scrabulous, which instantly found members.

Lawsuit or not its got scrabble lovers hooked for good.