That’s a concept I have been hearing since school…how the world has become a smaller place, due to the CommunityRadioCartoonimprovements in communications. I think it just went a step closer to tiny, with Internet Radios.

These are basically WiFi receivers that connect to Internet Radio stations from around the world, same like your PC would connect to a site that is having an Internet Radio station. There are over 10,000 stations from which you can choose, in a variety of languages, being broadcast from almost all countries around the globe.

Since it works on WiFi, I guess the faster your connection, the better is the reception that you get.

Kuwait has 5 stations broadcasting on the Internet, including the ATC! The largest number of stations are from the US with over 3000 and there are a few countries with only 1 station, like Cambodia.

That means no more tuning the Multiband SW radio, standing on your head and connecting a wire on your toe to act as an antenna.