camel meat A Saudi restaurant (Hashi meals) is offering Hashi Burgers. Hashi is local lingo for baby camels. The camel has been used as a multi-role beast of burden in the region, excelling in its role as desert transportation, milk provider, fodder and even war machine. During the pre-oil era wealth was measured based on the heads of camel one owned. Camels are still revered, in their region with races and beauty pageants being held regularly. Dubai even hosts a camel hospital were injured race camels are taken for treatment.

Camel meat is known to be low fat and healthy, and the burger seems to be gaining popularity in the Kingdom. The Milk has also been used for regular consumption and more recently for manufacturing camel milk Chocolate. While I am not sure if eating a camel is exactly halal, it comes from the Kingdom, so I guess it must be certified.

Make one yourself. Get the best steak, grind it, make it into a patty and fry it…just like it was done for Henry Ford.