393px-Silent_movie_movie_poster The Silent Movie written by Mel Brooks is a story of an out of work movie director who tries to make a silent movie  40 years after the last one was made.

But Mel Funn the director had a drinking problem and the industry is not ready. A company takes a chance based on his promise to rope in the top Hollywood actors of the day. Shot in 1976, it was a brave attempt at a different kind of movie and Mel Brooks first acting role.

The only audible line spoken in the movie is “NON”, ironically by the famous french mime Marcel Marceau. Other actors include Paul Newman, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Anne Bancroft, Dom De Luise and Marty Feldman.

Other movies by Mel Brooks include Young Frankenstein, Robin Hood – Men in Tights, Space Balls, History of the world

An amusing way to spend the evening.

I first watched this movie in 88-89 at a friends birthday party.