VoteEarth_WVE Vote Earth is the global election, where the world will be able to vote for our planet by switching off lights for an hour on March 28th. This hour is known as Earth hour and it started in Sydney when 2.2 million homes switched off their lights for an hour to increase awareness about global warming and green house emissions and what needs to be done to reduce them. Last year this had become a world phenomenon with all major cities participating by switching off or dimming their lights. This resulted in a lower consumption of electricity, which translated into lesser carbon di-oxide being produced.

This year the target is to reach have 1 billion lights switched off and WWF has asked everyone world over to participate by voting for the earth. The results of this voting (by turning of a light switch) will be presented to World leaders meeting at the global climate change conference which is being held in Copenhagen.

Its only an hour, on one day of a whole year.