The humble potato chip has become a part of our everyday life. Staple of the couch potato, on the menu of bunny every picnic and school going kid, wafers with beer, you name it.

Having been brought up on Kitco since my school days, this was the quality that you came to expect from every brand that you see. I don’t recall when I had switched from Kitco but I had been using Lays for quite some time now, but not being able to find a packet of plain salted, I tried the old favorite once again and the difference was remarkable.

The Kitco chips were more crisp, they tasted fresh unlike the Lays which seemed to be a little less crispy bordering on soggy and well it just doesn’t taste the same any more. I guess the reason must be that Kitco is made in Kuwait and the Lays is packed in Saudi Arabia and the transportation takes its toll on the chip.

They’ve got me hooked again. Chips, 3D snacks??!! the lot