Just when I was wondering what Rachel Ray’s claim to fame was, I read in today’s newspaper that Dunkin Donuts have pulled an online ad featuring the celebrity “whoknowswhat” because she was wearing an Arab Headdress called a Keffiyeh or Gutrah because it symbolizes support for terrorism. So did they ban guns and bombs…naaah! An ad with a head dress around someone’s neck…..and viola that stirs a debate..

What they should do is ban the production of guns and bombs, increase production of donuts and maybe even hand them out free…sugar would sweeten your life…and you wouldn’t have terrorism or wars…Nutty solution…but do able.

BTW….there used to be a DD outlet in Souq Sharq and the Al Bahar Center in Hawalli…they’ve both disappeared – I used to have a 10% discount courtesy my employer’s special deal with them….need donut, no sugar….