I came up on this site in an email in my spam folder. The site is called, Kuwait Invasion: The Evidence. It contains photographs from the dastardly invasion carried out on Kuwait and its people, and the destruction left in its wake. For those who lived through it, these photos are bound to invoke memories, and for those who have only heard of it, these photos will bear witness to crimes carried out.
The site is well laid out and divided into sections, with search and even a comparison feature.
According to the site, which is created by a Kuwaiti businessman Adel Al Yousifi who took over 15,000 photos after he returned to liberated Kuwait.
Clearly, a tribute to those who lost their lives and loved ones, to those who bore the atrocities of the invasion, and a reference for future generations and all, lest they forget.
I have applied for permission to post one of the photographs and shall do so when it comes through! This pic is not from the site.