I might be the last one to find out about this and write about it, but I felt it needs to be known.
The local outlet of Benihana is suing a a blogger Mark (www.248am.com) based out of Kuwait for writing a review about the not so pleasant experience he had. The suit also includes illegal photography among other charges of loss of business and reputation.
The news has resulted in a huge outcry by the readers of the popular blog who have unanimously declared their support for the blogger as well as a boycott of Benihana which started it’s ops only a few months ago.
Being Japanese the management of the restaurant seems to be well versed in Harakiri. They seem to have forgotten they are only a restaurant and they live on the goodwill of the paying public. Suing someone for having an opinion on their service or food is immature and downright stupid.
On the other hand if all they wanted was cheap publicity they could have sued him for illegal photography and that would have aroused the curiosity of the public to check out the restaurants decor. Those footfalls could have been converted by offering good food and service.
Harakiri is a suicidal ritual used to preserve honor, Benihana got the order wrong this time!