I decided to post this separately because BEST DENKI really made my day. I heard about the opening day fiasco. Trying to get a 20 KD IPod Nano, means saving 30 KD from the normal price, but also would mean 50 KD of trouble, getting stuck in crowds, traffic, dispersal and now even H1N1 – avoid crowded places!!

So I decided to check it out one Monday morning. I was walking around checking out the goods on the shelf, and there it37429478-149x149-0-0_Casio Casio XR 9YW1 tape black yellow was… the CASIO KL 300 EZ label printer that I had posted about earlier.

Flash back:I had purchased only a single label cartridge with the machine itself, but in the excitement of having a label printer, my son & I went through it in a matter of days. 2 to be exact. A couple of weeks later I passed by the CASIO showroom and they told me it was out of stock and not to expect it as the product was end of life. I went to the extent of trying to see if a BROTHER cartridge would fit…no such luck! This machine was destined to gather dust, take up space

Present day: They had stock of the KL 300 that meant that there was a remote possibility that the tape cartridge would be available. I got hold of a gentleman wearing a red waist coat, who seemed to be Japanese – he was senior management I realized later, and asked him if the cartridges were available. He guided me to the consumable section, and there among the printer inks and cartridges were different types of label cartridges 6mm, 9 mm 12mm, yellow, green, gold, blue..it was all there. It cost 2.500 KD a far throw from the .990 KD I paid 2 years ago…but I’d rather use the machine. A different model no. but the same thing.

BEST DENKI has a good range of laptops, a gaming section, and a floor dedicated to Flat panel screens. I didn’t check out the basement though. If I was able to find something not available at the authorized distributors…they’ve probably got their head screwed on right..