I was checking out Best Denki at Hawalli, the latest electronics showroom to open in Kuwait, when I saw the pile of 771707STORY_perspective_525_330 boxes with Samsung STORY written on it. on closer inspection turned out to be a 1 TB external Hard Drive. The cost 29.500 KD. Add to that the humans insatiable need for digital storage space and it ends up in a purchase. That works out to what roughly 300 fils per GB…right?

The Samsung STORY Station is a USB external Drive. Comes with its own power supply. The body is made of gun metal and the best thing about it… it has an on/off switch. This is quite convenient as you no longer need to disable the drive and then unplug it. The switch also doubles as a dimmer for the activity indicator light under the drive, which gives it a ubercool effect, only if you are going to switch off the lights. The form factor is suitable for stacking more stories on top, as the vents are below the drive and the space between two would provide ample ventilation.

The usual tools needed for creating a secure folder and back up, that are now available in most drives can also be found on the drive.

Now to move all my media files and connect my NEUROS OSD to stream video to my TV…muuhuuhuhahahaha!!!