alfredeneumanii Starting issue # 500 (due out in May 09) MAD  magazine will be published only quarterly. An official statement from the magazine by the Editor John Ficarra, said that readers feedback received showed that only every 3rd issue was really funny and so they decided to print only that. Moreover, subscribers will now find that their subscriptions last longer…

Mad started out as an 8 issue per year publication, then went on to 12 and is now scaling back to 4. Initially, they didn’t accept advertisements and ran on the steam of their humor, but later started accepting advertisements though on a very minimum level

The number of pages have been increased. Mad kids and Mad Classics will be stopped completely. MAD which is owned by DC Comics run by Warner Bros. has effected a cost cutting program which could see staff reduced by 10%.

When humor is affected by cutbacks, we must be in real trouble.

Well that explains the missing issues.