I must have gotten caught in the mall culture, when I made 3 trips to Abyat and Platform when the Jig Saw that I wanted4323_l was just across the street in the smaller shops. After being told it is out of stock 3 times and to expect it this week, I finally kicked into “find it now” mode and made a trip to the hardware stores on the other side of Canada Dry St, in Shuwaikh.

And there it was, in stock with this nondescript little hardware shop which seems small from the outside, but had a lot of stuff in it inside. The Makita 4323 Jig Saw came with 4 free blades (2 wood, 1 metal and 1 plastic). Costing just under 20 KD, and though made in China, without any warranty, its still a Makita. My drilling machine is a Makita, my father swore by it and so shall I. There are more powerful models, and ones with LED lights and even a lighter hand held model.

Installing the blade is quite easy, cutting even more so. It comes with variable speed control and accessories (to be bought separately) like a rip guide and anti-splintering device are optional.

Things I learnt over the last week:

  • Abyat pips Platfrom in customer interaction
  • Abyat not so good when it comes to having information on when their next delivery is due
  • Across the street, where the old hardware shops are, you are bound to find what you want, after going to a couple of shops.
  • To cut a 45 degree angle without a square, measure the width of the piece and cut from the corner
  • use proper lighting
  • Cheaper Chinese versions…not so good!! Avoid if you can…
  • You cant cut wood with an angle grinder , because they don’t have wood cutting blades in 115mm
  • Diamond blades can smoke wood, without cutting it!! – don’t ask

It’s a great buy for a hobby carpenter.