One of the best things about Firefox and what separates the men from the boys, are the apps or add-ons a user can add to the browser, to get the best out of it without opening too many windows or pressing too many buttons.

I was on the look out for a good news ticker, but that meant downloading multiple ticker programs, as there wasn’t a single one which could provide personalized news items. Well, there wasn’t until I came across this nifty add-on from Christopher Finke. This software developer, has build an add-on which lets use add your favorite RSS links using live bookmarks  and then scrolls them across your screen. Click on a news item and it opens in a new tab, and disappears from the ticker to be replaced by the next item as and when it comes. Lots of options and a truly great add-on. 

Other add-ons I user are Twitter Fox, which lets me tweet from the browser and Sensex Ticker which updates stock prices.