20081211152202984H Samsung proudly announced that they were the first in the market with their LED TV. It was supposed to give us brighter pictures and more contrast. The competition LG called their bluff, by announcing their LED TV which was FULL LED, also known as DIRECT BACKLIGHTING as opposed to EDGE BACKLIGHTING, offered by Samsung, with LEDs on the edges of the screen only. This led to the two companies, complaining against each other to advertising watchdogs, and subsequent bans on ads and such.

SONY had come out with this technology, way back then, when they offered the Bravia range, but were nice enough not to mislead customers by saying it was an LED TV.

LEDs are bulky and are used only in commercial applications where they have outdoor display screens and such. They are not small enough to be used all across Flat screen TVs as pixels, replacing the current fluorescent tubes. All said, these LEDs allow them to manufacture TVs which are as thin as a magazine and cost 3+ times that of an ordinary LCD but are more greener.

Sangria made from Old wine in Old bottle!!! Sony is still the best, and plasma beats them all…!!!