Image228I was getting my car serviced today, when I saw a bunch of chairs stacked one on top of the other in the middle of the showroom. On closer observation, it turned out to be an advisory on wearing seat belts. The idea was to demonstrate the danger of being in an accident, vertically, and not horizontally as one would be if an accident were to happen. A small message on the stack of chairs said:Image229

‘ DON’T FORGET YOUR SAFETY BELT. Falling from a chair is like crashing without a safety belt at 15 Km/h. Falling from the top of this stack of chairs is the equivalent to crashing at 30 Km/h. Remember that speeds out on the real road are often more higher than that.”

While 30 Km/h seems to be really slow and slower than the minimum speed of 45 Km/h on most small roads, falling off a stack of chairs that high really put it into perspective. Traveling faster and crashing would mean a high, very high stack of chairs. A seat belt though would hold you back and keep you safe against crashing into the steering or dashboard. Of course, nothing can replace using common sense and driving carefully..!!