ClChPCWls_Inset_mr I had been planning to buy a headset for use at my office, when I saw a google ad on a Logitech wireless headsets. The ad took me to a local Logitech site.

So, I decided. and why? The Logitech site is an online shoppe for Logitech products. It has a wide variety of products, and all you need to have is your credit card or KNet card handy. It’s secure and they have partnered with local courier, Posta plus to deliver the goods. Delivery is charged at 1.250 KD and takes a day. Clear cut, no nonsense, no frills – thats how shopping should be.

The Clearchat PC wireless itself was a great buy. The set up was easy, the sound was clear and it even has a mute and volume control on the outside of the right ear piece. It works on 2.4GHz and has a USB transmitter.