We were killing time browsing at the Home Center in Shuwaikh, when we sa1came across a very innovative invention. Its especially useful if you are used to listening to music while you doze off.

The Sound Asleep pillow with built in speakers, only needs an MP3 player connected to it and viola you could be dozing off listening to your favorite band or e-book. I used my hands to press the pillow through the plastic covers and had to do that for some time before actually feeling the speaker inside the pillow. Being tiny, buried deep inside and to one side means that it wouldn’t be a hindrance to your sleep and wouldn’t bother you. No more speakers or headsets, which could end up strangling you in your sleep.

It retails for around 12 KD plus. To see the product website, click here. They also memory foam pillows and even rocking chairs with built in speakers.