The democratic circus, held once every 5 years or when the strange bedfellows created by the last election fall out, is being repeated all overthe bachchan family exercising their rights!! once again.
An election where over half a billion people vote, using electronic voting machines, which decides the fate of the whole population. The candidates are made up of people from all strata of society highly educated technocrats, movie actors, professional politicians, social workers and even criminals. Despite an electoral ID card which can be easily duplicated, and voters lists and other rules which ensure that identities are cross verified, there are still instances of fraud, however these are negligent considering the mangitude of the electoral exercise. Once an eligible voter casts his vote, indelible ink is used to identify such voters, though recently there has been some liquid available to erase this.
All said and done, despite democracy, the poorer strata of society are yet to see an improvement in their lot. The Middle classes as a powerful educated vote bank are pampered with tax cuts and such, and the rich get away with what they want.
While the picture does not exactly depict what they think (or does the smiles on their face betray that), I really think this is what those who didnt vote also had to say…..the picture shows the Bachchan family, exercising their right to free speech and after exercising their right to vote.