tulips Picking flowers on Valentine’s day is very important to anyone’s love life. The lady finds it more romantic, when the flowers are picked and not delivered by the delivery man. Women expect the flowers to be brought by their man.
So I took a really late decision and called up one of the more popular online flower shops, knowing fully well that their staff would be out for delivery if not busy building (yup, some of those creations have to BUILT) bouquets.
All I got was a male voice on the other end who wasn’t even willing to listen to the fact that I was trying to tell him that I would pick it up….all he could respond was sorry Sir, we are busy, over and over..
Another search turned up a new site Tulipia’s Sense

The guy who answered the call, was quick to understand and welcomed me. I popped over to Dar Al Awadi and was surprised to see a small 3x10ft shop. Now they had to have elves working somewhere to make their bouquets. All I wanted was 8 Tulips, and the lady at the shop send me downstairs in the basement to their workshop, where they had their workshop. Busy, in creation was the owner herself, building bouquets.

What they had going for them, was that all of them were smiling, liking what they did, knowing what they should be doing and doing it with a smile. That’s going to take them a long way.

They are the only flower shop around on Ahmad Al Jaber Street, and for a huge radius around that area. They claim to have supplied arrangements for official engagements and conferences….I believe them!!