CHARGE CALLS This clip was found in a leading English daily last week. Shocking news in a market where incoming calls are free and local calls using POTS are not charged. Not surprising though considering that one of the operators reported a 33% loss of revenue compared to last year for the same period. These calls are totally free with subscribers not paying for the usage of any of the networks.

The move to make incoming calls free, by one of the operators and copy cat move by the rest has led to all of them smarting where it hurts…in the pants. But then these are the benefits to the subscriber when competition comes into the market. It would definitely be a move in the wrong direction if the decision was rolled makes back or one of the operators unilaterally begin to charge for calls from land lines.

one wonders, if the third operators was started for the investors or for the customers. A friend of mine commented how customers are called subscribers and not customers…can’t wait to see what’s going to happen