Eleven Forty Design is a company that custom makes cufflinks. The USP of these cufflinks are that they can made,  1140modeled on a person’s head. Once a photograph is provided, a 3D model is chiseled and made into a cufflink. The cufflinks will be side profiles of the head and can be put together to form a miniature bust displayed on a stand, when they are not used.

However, this is the small stuff.

The same technology called Doppelganger is used to create the Opus Luxury football table. The players on the opus football table can be customized to your own or your friends and family’s heads. Perhaps you can pit your own family against a team of celebrities. A great deal of detail is possible, to the extent that hair can be added and noses chiseled off a-la MJ.

The table features underplay lighting which can change the color of the field, Bubble levels which can help to place the table on level ground, solid cast aluminum player bodies and luxurious handles in leather, wood, metal or a combination of all. The table itself is made of oak, mahogany or walnut and is hand finished and has stainless steel adjustable legs. Being hand finished and highly customized using the latest in design technology, I can only imagine what a piece like this would cost.