source WHO

land under tobacco cultivation: source WHO

Agflation is here to stay and is something we will have to live with. But what causes it is now questionable. A total of 125 countries have put close to over 4 million hectares of land under tobacco cultivation. Tobacco has no other use except in cigarettes and cigars, which cause cancer and pollution.  5 countries; namely USA, India, China, Turkey and Brazil account for over 2/3rds of the worlds tobacco production.

Now if this land were used to grow crops which could be converted to biofuels and feed the hungry, we would have lower pollution and found an answer to, in some way, reduce the problem of world hunger. Yet the chosen crop is Tobacco, carcinogenic, addictive and polluting. Annual cigarette sales are too large to ignore tobacco and focus on cleaner air and hunger…let it burn!!