MG_Ku_PRC_01I went back to the Agaila Beach managed by the Touristic Enterprises Co. in the hope of finding the Miniature golf course attached to it, open. I had passed by that area and had seen it being built some time back.

It is a proper 18 hole uncomplicated miniature golf course. Adults are charged 3KD and kids above 10, 2KD. Tykes below 10 play for free. You get a putter and a colored golf ball, along with a score card and pencil. The course features sand traps, bridges, waterfalls and some landscaping. The golf course is situated right next to the Agaila Beach entrance but is totally cordoned off and disconnected from the beach. The golf course has its own open parking on the vast open ground next to it and the entrance is a ramp from the main road into this ground. The course was designed by John C Vitale who specializes in highly cost effective courses. This is the only known miniature golf course in Kuwait.

The course was empty today. It is well maintained and well lit. A great way to spend a day.  However, beware of the Pepsi and Aquafina vending machines….