It all started out when American Airlines, cut out one olive from the salad served on board and saved a few hundred800px-Emirates_A380_2  thousand dollars. Emirates is now embarking on a drive to reduce the load on their aircraft, by removing all the printed material onboard their new A380 aircraft which is slated to start flying from the beginning of next month. Printed matter, like their in flight magazine – which happens to be quite informative, onboard shopping catalog, etc. All this will be replaced by digital content that can be viewed on their in flight entertainment system.

With the price of fuel going as high as the highest possible flying altitude, airlines are looking at ways to cut down their fuel consumption. This can be done only by reducing the weight and by finding ways to generate revenue en-route, onboard.  You can’t get rid of the cargo in the hold or the live ones on the deck!!

Well, that saves costs, but that also saves a lot of trees used for manufacturing paper and also cuts down on the emissions that these large birds spew out. Now, that’s definitely going to leave the skies a little more bluer.